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Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Co

Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Co

Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Co, with many years experience in international trade and import, particularly in China and East Asian markets has dominated on source and destination markets and offer the best prices and  ideas. We dare say twenty percent lower price of goods would be offered through us for the similar goods
Having a company directory with access to more than one hundred thousand  manufactures of international products is regarded as the strength of this company along with publicity about the attractions of construction and import. Here we recall our unique service compared to competitors that make people interest to your remarkable stuff and attract eyes of viewers whom are well familiar with honorable Iranian language. Obviously, our goal is to encourage our visitors through providing management techniques
Your Premium Supplier
Shimi Tabadol  has been the producer and exporter of domestically cultivated and produced products including all types of chemical materials  supplying you with high standard and competitive prices. Relying upon years of experience in this field,  the latest technology and the commitment to business ethics, the company is capable of exceeding your expectations.
Your Representative in Iran
Many international companies wish to promote products Iran in order to optimize business performance. Shimi TAbadol Hadian Khamse helps foreign companies to introduce their products in the Iranian market through customized services. We deliver intelligent solutions for companies aiming to enter or expand its activities in Iran to take advantage of  trading opportunities.
Let  Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse support your sales in the following ways:
•   Works as sales representatives for foreign companies willing to enter in the Iranian market;
•  Develops feasibility analysis for international businesses in Iran;
•  Supports companies to understand Iranian tax system;
•  Develops marketing strategies for product positioning in major cities of Iran;
•  Manages international logistics;
•  Supports customers to develop pricing models for the Iranian markets;
•  Develops financial diagnoses of foreign manufacturers in order to know their current financial and operational status;
•  Supports foreign customers with accounts payable to assure that international payments will be received on time;
•  Provides Expert advice on customs and customs clearance;
•  Performs all administrative matters relating to the import – export  of goods;


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