Massege of CEO

Since the beginning, Hadian Khamse Trading Company has set its goal to help customers achieve their objectives with the least amount of difficulty and effort. The company has tried to bring all the necessary services together into a single complex leading to a decrease in wasted time and a general decrease in prices. By providing completely specialized services, the company has always tried and still tries to establish a close, honest and sustainable cooperation with the customers through a mutual technical and commercial language. By relying on 6 years of experience in Iran’s lead and zinc industry, the company’s board of directors has identified the needed services of manufacturers and traders in the industry and has brought them all together in a single complex; By creating purchase and retail networks and by using up-to-date knowledge and a professional staff, they will continue their activities so as to realize the goals of the customers and beneficiaries.

Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Trading Company

Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse trading and manufacturing company is honored to play a significant role in expanding Iran’s trade with an excellent track record by providing commercial services to Iranian and foreign traders and businessmen, and also to national and international manufacturers.

Shimi Tabadol Company is capable of supplying chemical raw materials to national and international manufacturing, agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical, and food companies.

This company is completely ready to import the required material and export the manufactured products. Because of the extensive activity of Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Company in all manufacturing sections, and supply of chemical and raw materials to consumers and traders, it is hereby announced that this company is capable of supplying any kind of required material to you.

By providing nationwide transportation, this company has facilitated the task of on-time delivery for the consumers .

the fiscal management WTG certificate from the European Union

the organizational development management ANCCP certificate from Italy

he entrepreneurial management ICS certificate from Canada

the marketing and retail management certificate from England’s Oxford Cert